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I have an assinment for collage for a coarse called " visual programming" we use the " visual c# "
i have done it but still have one single problem which is how to calculate the average of the items i added in the list box

{it is like we have a textbox and each time i suppose to type a grage of a student" and when i click in the average button it has to calculate the average and display it in a lable}:confused: :confused:

my problem is i couldn't figure out how to do the average thing :((

i know how to caculate the average

private void Average_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)<br />
        {<br />
            <br />
            double sum = 0;<br />
            //Listboxth.Items = int.Parse();<br />
            for (int i = 0; i < Listboxth.Items.Count; i++)<br />
                sum += Listboxth.Items.IndexOf(i);<br />
            average = sum / Listboxth.Items.Count;<br />
<br />

this is how i did it ... but still don't know if it worked .. :s

and i couldn't figure out how to display the average in the lable:

private void label2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)<br />
        {<br />
            string avrg;<br />
            avrg = average;<br />
            label2.Text = avrg;<br />

^ i know there is something wrong with the conversion maybe X|

btw i am new in programming and visual programming just started two monthes ago ..
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Add the values together to get the sum and divide by the number of values to get the average. Elementary mathematics really.
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Add up all the values, then divide that number by the total number of values added. For example, given these 3 values:

You add them up: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6
Then you divide them by the total number of items: 6 / 3 = 2.
So the average is 2.
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<sarcasm>It's times like these when I wish that Code Project Answers was around to help me do MY homework for college... *sigh*
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