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Hi All,
my question:
how can make my website open or working into Certain computers only
Updated 1-Oct-12 21:58pm

1 solution

You can make a whitelist of IP address and store it in database.
So, when the webpage is requested from any ip address that doesn't exixts in whitelist ip, redirect to a page showing Message "You are not allowed to view this page".

You can call the function globally to restrict viewing the web application or even page(s) within the application.

To simplify, you can write a httpmodule to do this.

One cons in this approach, is the whitelist ip of the client should be requesting from a fixed IP. For dynamic IP, it is not possible to create whitelist.
Just like how RDC works.

Hope this gives you some idea to start and explore more.

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ahmedhussein369 2-Oct-12 4:47am    
Thank You for urgent your answer
I want to open the web application into specific computers according to something unique inside the computers like hardware id so when open the web start checking the hardware id of the computer if it compatibility then complete opening it if not
display message "you can not open this web"
I searched about how can I get hardware id from client but I failed so I want to get anything else alternataive unique can use it
Sandip.Nascar 2-Oct-12 4:51am    
Due to security, you cannot access hardware id. To do this you need to grant special permission which will lead your application to security hole.
ahmedhussein369 2-Oct-12 5:44am    
Hi Sandip.Nascar what you mean To do this?TO do what
please Explain
Sandip.Nascar 2-Oct-12 5:58am    
As I have said, it is not advisable to open the security holes to access hardware id. Above all. accessing hardwareid is only applicable to web application running in LAN where you have physical access to machine. In WAN, this is not at all possible.

The only way, I see is the approach, I have given in the solution to track ip address.
ahmedhussein369 2-Oct-12 6:18am    
Thank you

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