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Hy I am trying to disable/enable an item menu in win32 project .
my code :

EnableMenuItem(GetMenu(hh), ID_FILE_SAVE,MF_ENABLED);

but it doesnt work . why ?
I dont understand . pleas help me
Malli_S 3-Oct-12 8:38am
What error you're getting? What does GetLastError() returns ?
Richard MacCutchan 3-Oct-12 8:38am
Are you sure that ID_FILE_SAVE is on your main menu?

You probably are using the wrong menu handle as the first parameter to the EnableMenuItem function.
Maybe you need to use the GetSubMenu function also.

Try this -
EnableMenuItem(GetSubMenu(GetMenu(hh), 0), ID_FILE_SAVE, MF_DISABLED | MF_GRAYED);

Here 0 is the position of the required sub-menu.
Jochen Arndt 4-Oct-12 7:17am
Good catch: +5.
See this link[^] and see the sample inside.

Another resource[^] that could help...

Good luck!
It should be like this, otherwise the system does not know how to interpret the second parameter.

Jochen Arndt 4-Oct-12 7:20am
You are basically right but this will not solve the problem because MF_BYCOMMAND is null.

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