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I am using javascript to highlight text in markup. I can successfully change the markup, as seen in the browser developer tool (chrome), but rendered code as appears in browser window does not change. Does anyone see what i am doing wrong?

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function (e) {
        $('#submit').click(function (e) {
            try {
                var $inputTxt = $('#search');
                result = $inputTxt.val();

        $('p').each(function () {

            var a=$(this).html().toString();
            var aindx=[];

            while(a.indexOf(result) >= 0){

                //alert("string found "+a.indexOf(result)+" position");

                var b=a.substring((a.indexOf(result)+result.length));

                if(aindx.length > 0) {
                    var prev=aindx.length-1;
                    $(this).html(a.substring(0,(aindx[aindx.length]-1))+'<mark id="tmprry">'+result+'</mark>'+a.substring(aindx[aindx.length+result.length-1]));
                } else {
                    aindx[0] =a.indexOf(result);
                    $(this).html(a.substring(0,(aindx[0]-1))+'<mark id="tmprry">'+result+'</mark>'+a.substring(aindx[0]));

                //insert mark around position



            } catch (ex) { e.preventDefault(); }


enhzflep 3-Oct-12 22:24pm
I see that you're using a tag, <mark/> - one I've not seen before. Some browsers used to disallow styling of non-standard elements, I've no idea on the current state of affairs.
If the HTML is changing, but the display isn't - I'd look at the CSS to check the style of 'mark' elements.

Even quicker, just add something like the following to your css:

background-color: yellow;
Good point. I think, with any thinkable state of affairs, using not HTML predefined tag makes no sense at all.
Peter_in_2780 4-Oct-12 1:30am
Why not use <span> insted of <mark> ?

1 solution

is a standard HTLML5 tag used to highlight text.

The intention here was to insert the mark tag into the text to display the searched for text as highlighted.

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