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Hi Everyone

I am developing a page which will take User BirthDay Date and Time.

When user submits the form I am storing the User Info with its SUn Sign ID, Moon SIgn ID, Ascendants Sign ID.

I am calculating this Sign ID using Swiss Ephemeris dll (

You can find details of the dll on this link[^]

I am not getting which function in this dll will return these sign id.

Please anyone can help me out. Please find which function will return this id's and how to use it using Platform Invoke.

Code Example: Other funtion which I use using this dll
<DllImport("swedll32.dll", CharSet:=CharSet.Ansi, EntryPoint:="swe_rise_trans")> _
    Private Shared Function xyz_swe_rise_trans(ByVal tjd_ut As Double, ByVal ipl As Integer, ByVal starname As String, ByVal epheflag As Integer, ByVal rsmi As Integer, ByVal geopos As Double(), _
 ByVal atpress As Double, ByVal attemp As Double, ByVal tret As Double(), ByVal serr As StringBuilder) As Integer
    End Function
Updated 4-Oct-19 18:29pm
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Solution 1

I am not going to register with some pseudo-science web site in order to download the dll or it'd documentation in oreder to read it and work out what problem you are having, and I suspect that few people are.

If I was you, I would start reading the documentation you downloaded with the DLL: The site talks about a Programmers Manual which is where I would start.
When you have found the function(s) you need, if you cannot create the correct signatures, then post a question specifically about that, giving the DLL signatures so we can help.

BTW: Do try to be consistent: your question is tagged C#, your code sample is VB. Pick one.
ParagVyas1988 7-Oct-12 4:01am
Hello SIr,

I know how to use dll in my code. I have already use other function.
But, I don't know which function will return Sun Sign Id, Moon Sign ID or Ascendant Sign Id based on Birth Date and Time.
So, My question is which function will return these sign id's.

And, It does not require and registration for downloading dll or to read it documentation...

OriginalGriff 7-Oct-12 4:06am
Then read the documentation. It should be there, or raise the question on their forums.
ParagVyas1988 7-Oct-12 4:32am
Its documentation is not clear or the name they have used are synonym of the Sun Sign ID so I am not getting it exactly.
Please help me out.....
OriginalGriff 7-Oct-12 4:36am
Then raise it on their forums.
They will have more experience, and clearly need the feedback in order to improve the documentation.
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Solution 2

Look at step 1 of the developer's documentation use
ret_flag = swe_calc_ut(jul_day_UT, planet_no, flag, lon_lat_rad, err_msg);

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