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hey guys,plz help me.........
Write a C program (named as Sort_Search_Grpno.C) that sorts an integer array (user input) using a sorting method of user's choice. The sorting method could be Radix sort or Quick Sort. Apart from the final sorted array, print the following for each sorting method:

1) Radix sort: the queue (or the chain) for each iteration of the radix sort algorithm.

2) Quick sort: the value of pivot, the index and value of elements that are swapped at each step.

After the array has been sorted, take user input for an integer (key) and search it in the sorted array using binary search. For binary search, print the values of low, high and mid for each iteration and whether the key was found in the array or not.

1) A report with the program and the output. Output should be a screen shot from the actual run of the program.
Updated 7-Oct-12 23:06pm

You should find explanations of such algorithms and then implement yourself them.
You may find introductive material at Wikipedia:

While the definitive reference for sorting is Knuth's book "The Art Of Computer Programming - Volume 3: Searching and Sorting"[^].
thanks CPallini ............
Espen Harlinn 8-Oct-12 7:16am
5'ed! :-D
This is not the place to get your homework done. By doing your homework for you, we would in fact not do you a favor. Your homework is set for a good reason and by having other people do it for you are missing out on the experience you should gain from it.

So give it try yourself. If run into a problem that looks to hard for you, consult your training resources or your teacher. If all that doesn't help, you might consider presenting that particular problem in this forum any you might get some help if the question is specific enough.

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