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hi, please help me to solve (500 - Internal server error).
[no name] 9-Oct-12 10:52am    
Your hosting company would be the one most likely to be able to help you with this.
R. Giskard Reventlov 9-Oct-12 11:06am    
Well, that's certainly enough information to go on. Let me think now...
bbirajdar 9-Oct-12 11:25am    
Can you be specific ? How can I help you ?? Do you want to install the website in the iis on my machine ?

This[^] might help get you started.
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500 server error[^].
If this is happening on your web application, then you need to check your error logs, or if you haven't got any, you need to implement logging.
If this is someone else's site, then they likely have logging and they will see that the error occurred. If they were foolish enough to publish a site without logging, then they may have a contact us page or something like that where you can send them information regarding the error you saw.
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how to solve 500 internal server error problem in[^]

You'll find two answers there!
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