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This is not really a programming question, is it (?)

I dream of being able to permanently assign keyboard keys some predefined character string so that I can enter frequently used text (e-mail address f.i.) very quickly.

This can be a function key or a special key combination or a sequence of these, I don't mind. Like F3+Ctrl$

Needs to work at least under Internet Explorer. Making it work at any time is even better.

Refer to this article:[^]

There its is explained how to use Clavier+[^] to assign custom keyboards. It is also said that you can "set up a shortcut to launch a program/website, or output some text to the field currently selected on the screen."
YvesDaoust 10-Oct-12 5:59am
I just tried it and it seems to be doing exactly what I want ! Thanks !
Legor 10-Oct-12 6:02am
Happy to help you fullfill your "dream" ;)
YvesDaoust 10-Oct-12 6:09am
thumbs up

The next battle is to lobby some standardization commitee so that they define tags for use on form so that your personal data can be filled in automatically...
You can try this way ...
First: Trap key press
here is an example how to do that ??[^]

Second: Call your method according to key press
Third: inside method start your process.

Enjoy your work :D
YvesDaoust 10-Oct-12 5:58am
Thanks but I am not programming an application.

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