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Hi All,
Stupid thing is I have done a test project for this it worked. I need to create a folder with a sub folder. I followed the procedure I did for the test app and it does not appear to work any more. The path for this directory is the root of the C drive (C:\) it also needs a sub folder for data C:\folder\subFolder, I have File System On Target Machine added the executable and the ini file (yes, ordered to use one!) created the shortcuts on the desktop and my programs menu. Now I have got to create the folders comes a problem, where do I include them at the users desktop there get created there which tells me I'm not a million miles away. I just need to get it at the C:\ prompt, I can't find the MSDN link I found the info on last time?
sahabiswarup 10-Oct-12 7:51am    
do you want to create a folder while installing your application?
glennPattonWork3 10-Oct-12 8:00am    
Yup, I need to create the folder tree so I have location for the data generated by the application, I can create one on the desktop strangely....
Sarvesh Kushwaha 10-Oct-12 8:25am    
while installing your application way you can do this when your application
installed and when it runs first time you can create on first form load .
glennPattonWork3 10-Oct-12 8:35am    
Interesting idea, I have a look at that..... however there was a method that didn't use that.

1 solution

You can try to create a Custom Action. Inside the custom action you can kick off regular C# code, thus using the Directory.CreateDirectory files.

Second you can also try to add a Custom folder (right click File Systems on Target Machine), and in the properties of the folder specify the 'C:\' drive.

However note that in some systems you need administrative permissions to create directories in special folders.
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glennPattonWork3 10-Oct-12 11:09am    
Thanks for that, I did find the test project in a backup file and got the answer. Also that might reveal why a user using Windows 7 (on a Mac) might be having problems.
Thank You

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