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Hi, i have emp table and empno,name,deptno(fk from department table)column.when i insert new employee i give name and department no in drop down list. i can display department name in dropdown list and i can store department no in emp table.but my problem is when i try to edit the particular employee then i can't bind that particular department no,name in drop down list.

in [httpget]
i get id, name (no problem)and my drop down department list should be return save department no,name and then if i want then i can change department(now i load that list but it selected the first value and if i don't change department then it update department first value as it is already selected)

If you are using Razor Views
Use optionlabel in View
@Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.FieldName, (SelectList)ViewBag.DepartMent, Model.FieldName)

or Create SelectList and mention your selectedValue in Action
SelectList Banks = new SelectList(new Department().Seed(), "DepartmentName", "DepartmentId", "SelectedValue");
Thank your suggestion. actually i did mistake. when i create helper class i give name dept but when i call this i call deptid instead of, i correct it and it works.

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