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I have a requirement for developing a screen sharing application in, something like Team-viewer software. I need some suggestion.

Tapan kumar
ZurdoDev 10-Oct-12 15:44pm
That's pretty broad. What specifically do you need help with? I think Team-viewer is a windows application, not ASP.Net. To do it in ASP.Net you'll have to create an ActiveX control or something along those lines.
Mr. Tapan Kumar 10-Oct-12 15:51pm

First of all thanks for your reply. Actually I want to achieve something like Team viewer. My requirement is not to implement Team viewer. I need to develop an application that will enable two users to share their screens.

If you have some suggestion then please revert back.

Tapan kumar
ZurdoDev 10-Oct-12 15:54pm
I guess it depends on your level of experience. I worked on a screen sharing app for HP years ago and I had to deal with TCP compression and other low level items. If you don't have experience in that I would just try licensing an existing application.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Oct-12 16:07pm
No way it could be a Web application based on the use of Web browsers. For safety reasons, Web applications don't have access to client computers. It should be custom networking application. If you need security, such as keeping the screen contents in secret, it will add a good layer of complexity. Even without that, this is a pretty complex work. No miracles through, but needs really good qualification; but the question about "ASP.NET" suggests that you hardly well familiar with networking, threading, system level and UI that well. OK, learn it all, but then, if you do, you will hardly ask such a question.

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