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Hi all,
I have an idea of creating an online game(probably a 4player game). But I dont know how to connect in a network and play. That is, if a player makes a move, then how to reflect that to other users. Somebody help me on it. MAy be suggest some articles on how to connect in a network and make it work.

Updated 11-Oct-12 0:50am
bbirajdar 11-Oct-12 6:07am    
You need to add 'adobe flash' as a tag to this question
TorstenH. 11-Oct-12 6:38am    
why? He didn't mention to use Flash for that.
bbirajdar 11-Oct-12 7:24am    
Its my suggestion..
TorstenH. 11-Oct-12 7:35am    
it's possible yes. But that would be a complete different thing.

Adobe Flex is available, but the IDE plugin for that has to be paid.
Without that it makes not much sense.

What the Questioner mostly needs is a project plan. But that is seldom involved in such questions.
bbirajdar 11-Oct-12 8:45am    
Let the OP comment on this.. I don't care whether you agree with my suggestion or not....If you want to waste your time, then go somewhere else...

i hope this could help you[^] and you can also take help from some web development companies.
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TorstenH. 11-Oct-12 6:55am    
great link! +5!
Now even I can connect.
The Java Tutorial - Introduction to Web Services[^]

I also recommend to buy a book on Java EE.

EDIT: I'm reactivating this as the expert didn't come around with a solution on how to connect 2 Java clients. Also doesn't it seem like he's sending 200$ for the questioner to buy the IDE and rewrite his code in Adobe Flex.

It can be done as a basic Java EE task. Please check the tutorial on how to create a webservice and how to connect your clients.
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