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Hi All,

My requirement is little bit complicated, i dont know how to search it in google even.
here I'll try to describe as much as i can ,

What I want is
I uploaded a sample image in this link[^]
Where first row contains the list of OS and second row contains country.
Here when user selects OS and Country it is selected and highlighted.
I want to display list of 2 items as column and allow user to select one item from column1 and another one in column2 and it should map.
When user selects two items from the list, the selected items should vanished from the view.

Any tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

1 solution

Using Javascript I achieved this successfully.

I place my code, so that you may alter if u want
$(function () {
       /// <reference path="../../Scripts/jquery-1.8.1-vsdoc.js"/>

       var mappedField = $("#__MappedFields");
           height: 721,
           width: 534,
           top: 95,
           left: 478,
           show: "slide",
           hide: "drop",
           title: "Compare Module",
           modal: true

       $("#btnMap").on("click", function (evn) {
           var dbValue = $("input[name=radio]:checked"), fileValue = $("input[name=radioDef]:checked");
           $("label[for=" + dbValue.attr("id") + "]").fadeOut({ duration: 1000 });
           $("label[for=" + fileValue.attr("id") + "]").fadeOut({ duration: 1000 });
           if (!dbValue.val() || !fileValue.val()) {
           var val = mappedField.val() + dbValue.val() + "|" + fileValue.val() + "|";
           //            alert(mappedField.val());
           $("<input>").attr({ "type": "hidden", "id": "hidden", "name": "__MappedFields" })

I hope this could help you!!!

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