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Hi guys, this is my first ever question in this forum.

My problem is, we are developing a cheque printing software; for that, we are placing the cheque in the printer at an angle of 90 degrees (because of the paper size). To correct this, I need to print the cheque in the tilted angle of 90 degrees.

How do I do this?

Updated 17-Dec-09 21:41pm

This depends on how far you are through the process. If you've got the image of the cheque stored on the computer, then you simply use Image.FromFile to load it in, get a Graphics instance using Graphics.FromImage, then use the Graphics.RotateTransform[^] method.

From there you can either print it out or save it back into the file to print it later, using a graphics program. You use a PrintDocument for this, or you can use Image.Save.

PS: I edited your original question to correct a few small readability issues. If you feel that I've missed something, feel free to edit it again :)
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Check with the printer settings and see if you could modify the print direction (some printers, and some specific firmwares don't support it at all). In some cases, you'll have to convert the whole thing to images, chop the images and print them out in order (I worked on an Epson thermal printer a few years ago on a similar problem, and this is what I did).

Some printers allow you to set the vertical and horizontal margin, with which you could offset the printing area. But none of these can readily solve your problem. You'll have to do some research and some work on your own until you could choose an option that suits your needs.
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I've already told you to check with the printer specifications if or not does it support such printing. Have you done that yet?!

Why have you posted your question as an "ANSWER"?! :rolleyes:

Use the message board at the bottom of this page to provide any additional information that you may need to provide. Right now, your query is not something that anyone can answer. Who will know what sort of printer it is, what kind of features does it support, etc?!

I'm afraid you'll have to read the printer manual and do this yourself.
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