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I am writing this part of my code so that it can calculate the Euclidean distance between two unknown arrays, but it is not working with the complier. Could someone tell me what is wrong. Thanks.
Updated 19-Oct-12 21:50pm

1 solution

public static double calculateDistance(double[] array1, double[] array2)
        double Sum = 0.0;
        for(int i=0;i<array1.length;i++) {
           Sum = Sum + Math.pow((array1[i]-array2[i]),2.0);
        return Math.sqrt(Sum);

You had syntactic and semantic errors.
Make sure, that both arrays have same number of elements.
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javamontrealman 20-Oct-12 2:19am    
complier says cannot find symbol for numbers.length. I don't really get whats wrong, isn't that just the number of elements in the array?
Zoltán Zörgő 20-Oct-12 2:41am    
Oh, sorry, copy-paste - see update!
javamontrealman 20-Oct-12 2:49am    
Rawaa Haider 10-Dec-21 18:03pm    
Can I get this code after corrected?

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