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I am working on detecting obfuscated malicious Javascript code. I want to use Artificial Neural Network and Back-Propagation algorithm to train the network so that it can detect any time a malicious Javascript code is encountered.

I am not able to get the start. Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in advance.

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enhzflep 20-Oct-12 6:39am    
Good answer. +5 (not quite good enough to be double-posted though :p - I deleted the duplicate. Has someone forgotten to feed the CP hamsters again I wonder?)
Sandeep Mewara 20-Oct-12 7:01am    

About double posting - I remember this instance - When I posted first time, it showed me the message '3 tries... failed...blah blah'. I had to click submit again to see it posted.

Looks like it was posted the first time too.
enhzflep 20-Oct-12 7:11am    
Yeah, I've found that message to be pretty unreliable. I just copy the answer/comment, then reload the page. 8 times in 10 the post actually _is_ there.

I figured the hamsters had been up to no good again.. Hope someone throws them a byte to eat. Or perhaps that's the problem? - i.e the feeder intended to throw them a bite, but used the wrong homophone.

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