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I want to develop an application for school that restrict user to print more than 10 pages a day. I Google it but couldn't find answer. How can i get client computer info along with user id(which user) and calculate the no of pages of document which has been sent by user
Richard MacCutchan 24-Oct-12 8:56am    
This is about the fourth question on this subject that you have posted today. Please be a bit more patient and give people time to respond.

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What you are after is called quota in computer terminology. It means to control how much of a resource any user/computer/application is a allowed to consume. Some quota management capabilities are built directly into the operating system like disk quotas on Unix and Windows. If you're looking for printing quotas on Windows you're out of luck though. You'll have to either look for third party software solutions or, if your printer is one the network enabled kind, that does not need a print server, you can contact your printer's manufacturer to see if they have a solution built in.

For third party vendors of Printing Quota Management Software feel free to google this yourself.

Disclaimer: Some links to third party software vendors regarding Printing Quota Management Software I have absolutely no connection to whatsoever:



— Manfred
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Manas Bhardwaj 24-Oct-12 9:55am    
good links +5!
fjdiewornncalwe 24-Oct-12 14:02pm    
+5. Nice.
Owais Kath 25-Oct-12 0:37am    
Thanks for your Reply. but i want to develop it using c# so can u tell me what classes and function will help me in achieving this task.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 25-Oct-12 6:30am    
The easiest way I could imagine is developing a print server. If you have more than one printer in spatially far from one from another locations, you'd also need to a have a centralized database where all the quotas and the already consumed resources are kept. So if I were you I'd start with researching on how to program a print server and go from there. There is a class that sounds at least interesting which is in .NET since 3.0 called System.Printing.PrintServer. You might want to look at it and maybe som of the other classes in the System.Printing namespace. Cheers, Manfred
Owais Kath 26-Oct-12 3:13am    
can we use directory servies for achieving this task because these services have capability to recognise the user and printer

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