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Lets say I have a windows form application programmed with c#. I want to know how can I connect this application to a website? For example how can I get the <title> of any website and display it on my application?
[no name] 1-Nov-12 6:55am
Connecting to a website is one thing and getting "<"title">" of any website is another one.
Usually you can make a connection to a website by its services.

try HtmlAgilityPack
it will help you..
don't forgot to add HtmlAgilityPack.dll in your project.
Try this:
 using System.Xml;
  using System.Xml.XPath;
  using System.Xml.Linq;
  using System.Net;

  HttpWebRequest myReq = ( HttpWebRequest )WebRequest.Create( "" );
  myReq.AllowAutoRedirect = true;
  myReq.MaximumAutomaticRedirections = 5;
  XNode result;
  using( var responseStream = myReq.GetResponse( ).GetResponseStream( ) ) {
    result = XElement.Load( responseStream );

  var title = result.XPathSelectElement( "//title" ).Value;
missak boyajian 29-Oct-12 9:19am
Hey. It's just working for the I tried another websites it didn't work.

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