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I Have 100 arrays (Columns1, Columns2, Columns3.... Columns100) where the number after "Columns" is variable.
I have for each array to do the same thing, 100 times again.
Is there a way that I can make a loop around my code (= the code that needs to run for each array) where i can make the name of the array variable, something like this:

i = 1
Do until i = 100
    'with "Columns" & i
    '...some code
    'end with

The purpose is that i can do my coding in a few lines, instead of copying the code 100 times and adapt the name of the arrays.

Thanks in advance!
Updated 30-Oct-12 6:39am
n.podbielski 30-Oct-12 11:31am    
You can refactor code that creates those 100 arrays.
You can create array of arrays and loop by that array.
But 1 thing you should do for sure: kick in the balls someone that created that code in the first place :) 30-Oct-12 12:58pm    
Thanks for your reply, but is it possible to set the name of an array in a variable, like in my example above?

Thanks again!
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Oct-12 13:11pm    
No. If you need to do this, you're design is seriously flawed. You need to replace this Columnxxx garbage with a 2 dimensional array or some other structure.

Did it not occur to you that the Columnxxx stuff is itself an array??

1 solution

You can use a array like this:
Dim Columns As Object()() = New Object(100 - 1)() {}
For i As Integer = 0 To 99
                ' now the current array is Columns(i)
		' now you can set the value of Columns(i)(...)
	Columns(i)(0) = "object1"
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