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Hi everyone!

I am having trouble deploying a project that will be supported on Windows XP. It works on Windows 7 32-bit fine. Is there anything that I'm missing. I try changing the platform target from "any cpu" to "x86" in Visual Studio and it makes no difference in whether or not XP can handle it. Am I missing something obvious? I'm using Visual Studio 2012 and we want the deployment to support XP (it already works fine with 7). I'm using Install Shield to deploy the projects.

Thanks everyone!

If you are using dotNet4.5 in your application, then I think you'll be out of luck as Windows XP isn't supported by dotNet4.5. You might get away with targeting your application to 4.0, but there might be issues because of how 4.5 installs in place of 4.0.
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joshrduncan2012 2-Nov-12 16:46pm    
I'm targeting .NET 2.0 as the core for this project.
fjdiewornncalwe 2-Nov-12 17:00pm    
In that case, I would leave your platform target as "Any CPU" as this is the solid way to go. If you manually deploy the application without InstallShield, does it launch and run? If it even "sort-of" works like this, then perhaps the issue is with the InstallShield deployment and not your application itself.
joshrduncan2012 2-Nov-12 17:04pm    
I can't get the .exe file to run at all in x86 or Any CPU mode on XP machines, the file that's in the bin directory of the project.
fjdiewornncalwe 2-Nov-12 17:10pm    
I know this question will sound really dumb, but I've learned over the years to ask it anyway: Are you sure you have dotNet2 installed on the XP machine?
joshrduncan2012 2-Nov-12 17:20pm    
Yes, everything up to 3.5 is installed on the XP setup.
under project properties/Compile/advanced compiler settings, uncheck remove integer overflow chicks and uncheck enable optimizations.
for generate debug info, choose pdb-only
compilation constants, check define debug constant and check define trace constant.
under generate serialization assemblies, choose auto.
click ok
now VB 2012 application deploys to XP and runs
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