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I'm trying to deploy my form application which i do successfully but the problem is with one of my DLLs , it keeps giving me this error when running the starting the application after running the set up "Unable to load DLL 'Basic.dll':the specified module could not be found.

Notice: I couldn't add this dll to the project as a reference so i had to copy and past it in the bin--> debug directory to make the project works
Sandeep Mewara 4-Nov-12 3:42am    
Not clear on what exactly you seek help with? Sounds like there was a missing DLL and you added to the directory. Now?
ayat abukhadra 4-Nov-12 3:56am    
Yes the problem is with the DLL but i don't know what it is :S , Do you have an idea of what the problem can be ?

1 solution

THe specified dll was not packed with the setup, of course it would work if you paste it in the bin directory same as in your application. You also have to pack that dll with the application when you intend to distribute it.

First, you can view the dll's in your project or even import new ones. Try this:

1) Press, Alt + P + P : This displays the project property page.
2) Click on the References tab : Here, you'll see all the dll's referenced in your project and you can add your Basic.dll

To create the setup to include the basic.dll in your distribution files,

Read Microsoft MSDN on creating setups.[^] or other sources Setup and deployment in VS 2010[^]
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ayat abukhadra 4-Nov-12 4:11am    
Thanks for your help :) but the problem is that the project is not allowing to make the Basic.dll as a reference its giving me the following error " a reference to 'DLL Path' could not be added. please make sure that the file is accessible and that it is a valid assembly or COM component. " but the copy to the debug solved this , now what to do in the setup ? how can i make it work ?
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:23am    
Oh, I get a couple of that sometimes. Copy the dll to the desktop and add it from there, works for me. Sometimes VS tells me it can't access the path to a dll when it is in the project's folder.
ayat abukhadra 4-Nov-12 4:26am    
No still not working :( , i think I'm gonna contact the developers of the DLL to check if there's something wrong :S
Akinmade Bond 4-Nov-12 4:28am    
Oh, okay. You could try that too. And please, do someone else a favour by coming back here to write what worked. :)
ayat abukhadra 4-Nov-12 4:31am    
ya sure I will =), thank you for you help =D

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