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First of all im a no pro and just started out learning c# a few days ago.

With that in mind i have the following code to handle a process:
public bool Process_Handle(string ProcessName)
        Process[] ProcList = Process.GetProcessesByName(ProcessName);
        if (ProcList.Length == 0)
            return false;
            pHandel = ProcList[0].Handle;
            return true;
    catch (Exception ex)
        Console.Beep(); Console.WriteLine("Process_Handle - " + ex.Message);
        return false;

When i try this with for example WinRAR it works i can check if its running or not etc but when i want to do this with for example iw5mp.exe*32 (in task manager), im guessing a 64bit program, it just says it didn't find the process.

Now my question is how can i make edit it so that process_handle will handle all processes including 64bit processes.

Huge thanks in advance, i've been frustrated with this for quite some time now

1 solution

That is 'Call of duty''s program right?

Try writing iw5mp.exe as opposed to iw5mp.exe*32

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