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i am trying to write some kind of a simple information System. My Server is written in c#, it sends every minutes udp heartbeats with Server Information (ip, port of the Server). Now i want to write a simple Website with html and JavaScript that connects to my Server and receives data from it. If a webclient receives an udp heartbeat the Website should connect to the tcp socket of the server. Is there a simple clientside solution for this? I know i can do such things with flash or silverlight, but i do not want to use any kind of plugins.

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You can set up a TCPListener depending, if you google the class there is a very straght forwad example.[^]

make sure that you select the right version of .net for your client implmentation for the example.
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m.bleimuth 5-Nov-12 16:44pm    
the c# program with the tcp Server is not the Problem, the Problem is the udp and tcp Client in JavaScript for the Webpage.
[no name] 7-Nov-12 9:17am    
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