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I want to draw special characters like: "π,Ω,θ,ξ" in XNA by using method
spriteBatch.DrawString() but unsuccessful. Problem in file SpriteFont? Have any solution for it?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Nov-12 21:51pm    
Who "invented" this question about special characters?! These characters are not special at all. Just Greek. There is no such thing as "special character". Well, your font should support sufficient Unicode repertoire.
haitrieu749 5-Nov-12 22:07pm    

Please see my comment to the question and read on Unicode just a bit, to have an idea. You don't need any special to do to support it. Nearly all modern systems support Unicode by default, and of course, such a popular "Unicode range" as Greek is included, also by default. Some weird fonts which do not support Unicode are gradually phased out...[^],[^],[^],[^];[^],[^].

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I've solved this myself! In my class spritefont. I've been edit it flowing:
        <start>& #32;</start>
        <end>& #126;</end>
        <start>& #913;</start>
        <end>& #969;</end>

& #913 -> & # 969 are Greek charaters like "π,Ω,θ,ξ". It begin "A" and the end "ω"
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haitrieu749 8-Nov-12 13:32pm    
Note: & # 913 and & # 969 write consecutive.

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