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How to Count blanks in any particular column of table in sql server 2005?
Updated 6-May-21 9:00am

SELECT COUNT(Column_Name) FROM TableName WHERE ltrim(rtrim(Column_Name)) = ''

Hope this helps!
Ankur\m/ 6-Nov-12 8:46am
Just a quick note - Avoid using ltrim,rtrim and handle your code to pass empty value. When the table becomes big, ltrim-rtrim impacts query performance.
Since your question seemed like you needed it just for statistics, I added ltrim-rtrim for exact count.
SELECT COUNT(column_to_count) AS count FROM table
CHill60 7-May-21 5:20am
That will count non-null values in [column_to_count]. Nine years ago the OP wanted to count blanks. And don't suggest using
SELECT COUNT(*) - COUNT(column_to_count) FROM table
as that still won't count the "blanks"
Following query should do the job for you.

select count(*) 
from tableName 
where (columnName is null or columnName = '')

Hope that helps. If it does, mark answer as solution and/or upvote.
satpal 2 6-Nov-12 8:37am
it is not working for null value counting!!
Ankur\m/ 6-Nov-12 8:41am
See my comment to him. The query is wrong.
Btw you never mentioned about null checks in your question.
Ankur\m/ 6-Nov-12 8:40am
Your Query is InCorrect! It won't count the null values.
The correct query is:
select count(*)
from tableName
where (columnName IS null or columnName = '')
rather '= null'
MT_ 6-Nov-12 8:43am
updated query. Thanks Ankur. Generally we do check for both null and '' to get count for blank column values.
Ankur\m/ 6-Nov-12 8:50am
Generally we do check for both null and '' to get count for blank column values.
I am sorry but I disagree. Why do I put a null check in the column where I do not allow nulls? And remember an extra check means more effort and time taken for executing the query. :)
satpal 2 6-Nov-12 8:42am
ok thanks for this :)

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