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Hi All,

I need to write a query on Mutlple servers.

like Server1 contains Database1 which contains Table1
in the same way another server instace is Server2 contains Database2 which contains Table2

i have to create a join between the above specified tables.

i tried with 'Central management servers' but that doesn't helps me.

Thanks in advance.

select    *
from    [OtherServerName].[OtherDB].[dbo].[OtherTable]

 SELECT        *

Hope it will helpful. If helped Vote
You should link one server to another (please refer the following link for details:[^]) and then you be able to create queries for example for query on server1
SELECT a.*, b.* FROM [Server2].[Database2].[YourSchema2].[Table2] AS a
  JOIN [Database1].[YourSchema1].[Table1] AS b
    ON a.SomeColumn2 = b.SomeColumn1
naveenvenkanna 7-Nov-12 4:42am
getting error like
Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.
skydger 7-Nov-12 4:56am
You need to set user mappings for the second server. This article could be useful:

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