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I have a login page on which a have 2 text box as usual for username and password and one button for login.
i have attached this page with master page in which one button is used that is sign up button.
when i press enter from keyboard after filling the fields it should focus login button but it is going to the signup page again
where is the problem?
Updated 6-Nov-12 23:09pm

on page load of login page set focus on login button object

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[no name] 7-Nov-12 5:08am    
loginbuttonobject is any property or something else?
NAPorwal(8015059) 7-Nov-12 5:13am    
no no ... here there should be your button's object which is on your login page.
[no name] 7-Nov-12 5:33am    
that didn't work but i got solution from other suggestion.
anyway thanks
Without seeing your code it's a bit difficult. All I can suggest is that you use the following property to make the browser submit the form in the way you want:[^]

Your login button should have UseSubmitBehavior="true" and the signup button should have UseSubmitBehavior="false"

This should tell the browser to submit the form using the login button when you press enter.
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[no name] 7-Nov-12 4:26am    
i have already done that.
jim lahey 7-Nov-12 4:30am    
You should post your code then.

In your page load, bind your login button id as default.

here is the below syntax,

Page.Form.DefaultButton = btnLogin.UniqueID;

Here, in the place of btnLogin, give your login button id.

Hope this helps.
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[no name] 7-Nov-12 5:34am    
that really works...thanku so much
manognya kota 7-Nov-12 7:03am    
Happy coding :)

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