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I have seen this page:
"How to write an updatable ActiveX control for web page in VB6"
If i try to run Activex.html
this page can't send any value to activex control?
I mean activex control of vb6 is not running?
If I want to run activex control then what to do?

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Listen to a good friendly advice: just don't. Even if you use it for legitimate non-hostile purpose, from the standpoint of any reasonable and educated user, the practice is so unsafe that such users not likely will use it. Besides, this is Microsoft proprietary stuff; it won't work on other platforms; and even on Windows other browsers don't have to support it, for a good reason.

Even though the techniques based on hosting of ActiveX by a browser are still actively used, this is mostly limited by application internal to corporation, or practiced by computer manufacturers to support their computers via service IDs, registered with the manufacturer and similar cases. I think event in these cases, this is a pretty bad thing.

Member 9587096 9-Nov-12 14:29pm
Thank for your reply.
actually I made vb Executable file and i want to run this file from web page
but I unable to run this.i also use javascript code and if i try to run this exe file then one of the download screen comes,have option save,run like this....
I do not want that sreen.
I want direct execution of vb.exe file.
Could you please help me.
You did not explain the purpose of this file and your ultimate goal. Usually, there are some legitimate solutions, but you should forget about anything on the client side, except JavaScript. You should never assume you can control anything on client side, especially install anything.

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