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hi all,
I want to show sql command answer in text fact to show cells or columns information or rows information in a text box or in severl text box.
what is the way?

1 solution

As I realized you want to show the result in a TextBox instead of a GridView or other controls. Well, you can use SqlDataReader along with SqlCommand to fetch the data and then put it in the TextBox. Here is a sample code:

SqlDataReader rdr = null;
            SqlConnection con = null;
            SqlCommand cmd = null;

                // Open connection to the database
                string ConnectionString = "server=xeon;uid=sa;"+
                    "pwd=manager; database=northwind";
                con = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);

                // Set up a command with the given query and associate
                // this with the current connection.
                string CommandText = "SELECT FirstName, LastName" +
                                     "  FROM Employees" +
                                     " WHERE (LastName LIKE @Find)";
                cmd = new SqlCommand(CommandText);
                cmd.Connection = con;

                // Add LastName to the above defined paramter @Find
                    new SqlParameter(
                    "@Find", // The name of the parameter to map
                    System.Data.SqlDbType.NVarChar, // SqlDbType values
                    20, // The width of the parameter
                    "LastName"));  // The name of the source column

                // Fill the parameter with the value retrieved
                // from the text field
                cmd.Parameters["@Find"].Value = txtFind.Text;

                // Execute the query
                rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

                // Fill the list box with the values retrieved
                    yourTextBox.Text+= rdr["FirstName"].ToString() +
                    " " + rdr["LastName"].ToString();
            catch(Exception ex)
                // Print error message
                // Close data reader object and database connection
                if (rdr != null)

                if (con.State == ConnectionState.Open)

The idea is to use regular Ado.Net commands to get the data normally and then put it in a TextBox. Here is the full text of the above sample :[^]

I hope it helps,

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