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while executing the code below, it is adding my link to site url like...


where is the problem plzz tell me.
if (dr.Read())
     dvurl.InnerHtml = "My Url Link is :- <a target='_blank' href= "+ ResolveClientUrl(Convert.ToString(dr["mem_url"])) + " >"+Convert.ToString(dr["mem_url"]) +"</a>";

Can someone tell me where I did mistake
Updated 21-Feb-22 21:49pm
[no name] 21-Nov-12 1:30am    
Could you please update your question , like omit all the comments and again paste you code
[no name] 21-Nov-12 1:49am    
What it is displaying ??
Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 1:58am    
on clicking of hyperlink it is showing this url http://localhost:4434/DharmikSamajik/member/
[no name] 21-Nov-12 2:00am    
So what do you want ?
Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 2:15am    
it should display only
not this

The first thing you need to do is look at the HTML that that is generating: use your browsers "View source" (or "Inspect Element" if it has one - Chrome does)

Once you have that, break it down into the various parts, and match them against the code above - which parts are the output form which bits?

I suspect that your datareader is not returning exactly what you expect it to.
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Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 6:20am    
my dataset is returning

and i place it on div with
but on clicking this it is opening the page like

The item you are looking for is URL linkify or short URL's. There is however some work behind this to make it happen and create your own shortened or special named Url's. HERE is a discussion with code on this.
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