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in database i have two column from and to date.

from date 5.10.2012
to date 21.11.2012

for that i want to get the difference between two dates.for that i how to write the query in sql server.
__TR__ 21-Nov-12 6:27am
Take a look at DATEDIFF[^] (Transact-SQL)
Prasad Guduri 27-Nov-12 1:25am
It varies based on your requirement. Th difference in what ? Days ? Minutes ? Hours?

You Can Find the diffrence even in nanosecond format!!
Use DATEDIFF Function.
difference between two dates get Result in days
select datediff(d, '2012-10-05' , '2012-11-21')

Happy Coding!
you can try something like below :

SELECT DATEDIFF(DAY, convert(datetime,'5.10.2012',104),  convert(datetime,'21.11.2012',104)) as Difference
Try this Query....

select datediff(mi, '2012-10-05 15:29:55.090' , '2012-11-21 15:30:09.153')


SELECT DATEDIFF(dd,'24 March 1964','24 March 2001')

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