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i am implementing WCF service in that i am converting dataset to arraylist and returning when i run the proxy this menthod not invokable and it showing "!" this mark

below is my code

namespace WCFService
    // NOTE: You can use the "Rename" command on the "Refactor" menu to change the interface name "IService1" in both code and config file together.
    public interface IService1

        Customer GetCustomer(int id);

        // TODO: Add your service operations here

    // Use a data contract as illustrated in the sample below to add composite types to service operations.

    public class Customer
        public ArrayList GetCust

namespace WCFService
    // NOTE: You can use the "Rename" command on the "Refactor" menu to change the class name "Service1" in code, svc and config file together.
    public class Service1 : IService1

        public Customer GetCustomer(int id)
            SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Data Source=.;Database=Temp;Integrated Security=true");
            SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
            cmd.Connection = con;
            cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
            cmd.CommandText = "Select * from tblCustomerInfo_Bangalore where CID = "+id;
            SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);
            DataSet ds = new DataSet();
            Customer cu = new Customer();
            ArrayList list = new ArrayList();

            foreach (DataRow row in ds.Tables[0].Rows)

            cu.GetCust = list;
            return cu;


can any body help me out in this......

thank you.
Updated 22-Nov-12 22:45pm

1 solution

Hello chetan B Y,


SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(con);

in place of

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();

This may Work out for you(sorry if i'm wrong..)
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