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We all know that we have a booting file in windows xp that is in the C:\ drive and its name is boot.ini
Their must be a booting file in ubuntu can anyone tell me the name and location of that booting file for ubuntu.
I want to alter that boot file in such a way that it would first display a .jpg image file and some text then run the ubuntu os.
can any one help me with this??

1 solution

In Linux, the system boots YOU!

Learn about boot loaders! In Ubuntu it is GRUB. AFAIR, the version I use stores files in /boot/grub/* directory. And it is NOT necessarily located on the first partition.
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SM_AsimHaroon 26-Nov-12 10:24am    
Abey bhai angrez kis kism ki baaten kr raha hai yaar koi tareekey ka solution bata.?
Then where is it located and how can i alter it??
lewax00 26-Nov-12 12:57pm    
He told you where it's located, "/boot/grub/". And it's not just one file, but many. Linux does not work the same way as Windows, configuring the boot loader will be a different process. You could probably get better help at a forum dedicated to Ubuntu or GRUB, I'm sure there are many of both.
SM_AsimHaroon 27-Nov-12 12:18pm    
I have found the grub file which boots ubuntu but now i want to edit it in such a way that it would fisrt display my text then boot ubuntu

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