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I have the following problem,no overload for method reanderchathtml takes 9 arguments.What does it means and what should i do?
Updated 29-Nov-12 18:12pm
[no name] 30-Nov-12 0:08am    
Seems like you're not passing any values to the method reanderchathtml.. Show your code..

1 solution

For a beginner, it really may sounds quite cryptic, due to weird term "overload". What essentially happens is: you are trying to call some method writing its name and some parameters. The compiler cannot find the method with the signature (that is, the set of parameters with their types and parameter-passing methods) matching your attempted code. Look at the API documentation and supply the parameter as the API class/structure expects.

That was easy to explain. Ask a question if it was not quite clear, but better show some code sample, for example.

Now, some background. The term "overload" is really ugly and obscure word which only distracts from a simple essence of things. Nothing is really "overloaded" because nothing is "loaded". This is just a kind of jargon. The things are: .NET allows more than one method of some type with the same name. The compiler "looks" at parameters and tries to find the match: which one to call. If none of the method declarations matched your calling code, it's a compilation error. In more rare case, when more than one match is possible (this is less trivial and related to inheritance of the types of some parameters), it's again a compilation error.

That's it.

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