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I made a simple Employee Presence Application (actually this is happening with every applications I make. I am new to C#.). When I tried to run it on other machine it didn't run and gave an error of Invalid dateTime. So I changed DateTime Format of that machine same as mine. It ran successfully. So what can I do. I don't want to change datetime format on every machines.
Not a question. Why could not you change it?

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The problem is not clear. With .NET, you can read time in any format and produce any format on output. Please see the number of methods Parse, ParseExact, TryParse, TryParseExact and ToString:[^].

For format specifiers, please see:[^],[^].

Besides, make sure you parse from string and output data to string only when it is really required. I saw many questions where the inquirers tend to work with strings representing data instead of data itself. This is totally wrong approach.

__TR__ 30-Nov-12 1:32am
My 5!
Thank you.

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