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That means How to get answered for unanswered questions?. which part of question should be improved while asking questions
AmitGajjar 1-Dec-12 0:27am
you can add some code, error message, steps that you follow, ... this all required to get your answer. if people are not able to understand your problem then you may not get your answer quickly.
charuwaka 1-Dec-12 1:34am
your answer was simple and perfect thanks
AmitGajjar 1-Dec-12 1:39am
Your welcome :)

1 solution

Your present question is the bright sample of the question which is so bad that is it beyond improvement.

You do not show any particular example of question; you do not describe any types of questions; you just suggest that we should consider all thinkable questions on software development and computing topics at once. This is one typical mistake of many inquirers.

I tried to illustrate, on the example of the present question, that it is impossible to give a good useful answer to such a wide question. Not just difficult, but answering may make little to no sense in principle. However, I can explain one simple principle which might help: picture the following situation: imagine that you is the one who should answer your own question. For taking realistic picture of it, try to forget all you knowledge that only you have. Use common sense and simple logic to see if the question is answerable or not; try to see what information would you need to approach the solution.

It's important to understand that not only answering, but asking questions needs certain qualification. Being a good student is an art by itself.

And now, please see this discussion on asking a good question: How to ask a good question?[^].

Also, ask yourself: do you at least follow the written rules? Please see:
Code Project Questions and Answers FAQ[^]
How to Use Google and Other Tips for Finding Programming Help[^]
Some guidelines for posting questions in the forums[^])

Good luck,
charuwaka 1-Dec-12 1:14am
are you a poetry writer

nothing why i asked means why are you posting this much lines of words

see i asked which part of question answer should be improved(see answer shuould be Simple & straightforward
Actually, I meant to add some more information to the answer, but your sarcastic reply and the demand for "simple and straightforward" (if it was simple, you would ask reasonable questions without help) make me loose any interest.

Your don't even follow simple logic. Don't you think that you ask "which part of question", you should have reference that question, as a minimum?

Nelek 3-Dec-12 16:49pm
Countered the univote
Thank you, Nelek.

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