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i have to capture bank account information of client on a web form ,client can have multiple bank accounts. instead of using different textbox's like bank acctno1 , bankacctno2 etc. i want to insert it in single column.
how can i do this in c#.
pls help.
__TR__ 3-Dec-12 1:42am
When you say "insert it in single column" are you referring to inserting data into SQL server?
ruby kaur 3-Dec-12 2:16am
i mean accepting data from single textbox and inserting them into different column of sql server 2008
__TR__ 3-Dec-12 2:54am
I am assuming you have multiple account numbers in a single textbox and each account number is separated by a comma. If this is the case you can pass the textbox value to a SQL function and the function will split the account number into rows.
Check this link[^] for the sql function.

Concatenate your bankaccount number by special character

bankaccount = bankaccount1.Text+"~"+bankaccount2.Text+"~"+....
Why don't you add some component like Expanders?
Try to make a new type of Expander in your columns,add your values as many as you like.

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