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how to convert the date-> 2012/12/03 11:11:04+22 to 2012/12/03 11:11:04 without splitting.I want to use (convert).
any solution?

You have to google first if you cant get it then ask here...

select [Date] = convert(char(10), getdate(), 111)

o/p: 2008/09/05
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The DateTime class has a ToString method which accepts a format string as argument.
Using this you can format the date to any text representation you want.

See here for more details:[^]
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My dear friend you can try this and send me feedbacks:

string day=System.DateTime.Now.Day;
string month=System.DateTime.Now.Month;
string Year=System.DateTime.Now.Year;
string hour=System.DateTime.Now.Hour;
string second=System.DateTime.Now.Second;
string minute=System.DateTime.Now.Minute;
Then you can play with them!:

string myTime=String.Format("{0}-{1}-{2}:{3}:{4}:{5}",year,month,day,hour,minute,second);
Another Example:
DateTime dat = new DateTime(2012, 1, 17, 9, 30, 0);
string city = "Chicago";
int temp = -16;
string output = String.Format("At {0} in {1}, the temperature was {2} degrees.",
                              dat, city, temp);
// The example displays the following output:
//    At 1/17/2012 9:30:00 AM in Chicago, the temperature was -16 degrees.

The result would be in myTime as you wish.

Good lock!
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AT My storedprocedure i used-

           ,convert(datetime,@StartDt,103)  --It's avoid +22 in my date
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What is +22 in 2012/12/03 11:11:04+22?
The code:

show the current date and time in correct format.
The result is like:

2012/12/03 11:11:04 AM
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StackQ 3-Dec-12 3:55am    
i know about muchbetter.I have an application which reads sms from my handset.So here in my system it shows the date of sms,when i received it in above format,so i have to save this date in my database same but without +22,but i don't want to use splitting method.I want to convert it in the format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) only

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