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char chTitle[MAX_PATH];
scanf("%[^\t\n]s", &chTitle);

above code not working....scanf is just skipping.... any clue...I want to read string with space in chTitle
Member 2954534 4-Dec-12 3:15am    
What exactly do you mean by "scanf is just skipping"? Doesn't it let you enter characters? Isn't there anything in chTitle?

scanf format specifiers don't support regular expressions (or whatever you wrote), see the documentation[^].
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See here[^], scanf() format specifications do not take regular expressions.
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Member 2954534 4-Dec-12 4:12am    
That isn't meant to be a regular expression. See here: It's a delimiter list.
What about
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In addition to solution 1 you must not use the '&' with chTitle. scanf expects char *, not char **. At least my gcc complains when I use the '&'.
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