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I want the Value should be Auto Printed Number of Times When Count is Given

it is easy when the Count is 5 or 10 => using Dragging the cell upto particualr count we can get it

what if the count is 100 or more => then Dragging the cell upto that particular row count is bit not effective

when a button is clicked the Data should be auto filled upto that Count in a particular Column

for example :

Image 1
Click here -> Image[^]

If you see my image there is Count and Value as some Data like 'DEMO' When i enter count like 5 then the Data in Value = Demo should be printed that many times as Count is mentioned Under Column => H

Output should be like this Below
Output -> Image[^]

What I have tried:

I have tried this one But not Working ... Suggest me How do i achieve this

Sub Increment()

Dim startValue
startValue = Cells(15, 5).Value

For i = 1 To 10 Step 1
    Cells(i, 5).Value = startValue
    startValue = startValue + 1
Next i
End Sub
Updated 25-Jul-20 14:43pm

Sub Increment()
' +919718948427(WhatsApp No)
Dim startValue, ToValue
startValue = Cells(5, 6).Value
ToValue = Cells(5, 3).Value + 4

For I = 5 To ToValue Step 1
Cells(I, 8).Value = startValue
startValue = startValue + 1
Next I
End Sub
CHill60 27-Jul-20 6:13am
An uncommented, unformatted code dump is not a solution.
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