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in the database in sql server records are there.10 records.

in that 10 records suppose i have delete the 10th record its deleted tehn remaining 9 records are there.suppose then i insert next record in the database i want the serial no 10.but when i saves its comes as 11the record (serial no 11)

how to do


I think there is identity column in the table so it was generating 11. You can manually insert the value 10 by making use of SET IDENTITY_INSERT <tname> ON. Later you can make IDENTITY_INSERT OFF.

You can refer the following link for details[^]
First set Identity to Off...Then

string _qry = select isnull(max(Snocol),0)+1[Snocol] from Tablename;
sqlcommand cmd=new sqlcommand(_qry,con);

object obj = cmd.executescalar();
give This Object obj in the Insert query where u r inserting u r data.....
it is proper numbering

for continuous number

just create view and use row_number function

your table is tbl1
View for that table is = tbl1_
Query inside view 'tbl1_' is,
select row_number() over(order by id) as SrNo,id,col1,col2 from tbl1

now save it

and fetch data from view instead of table
select * from tbl1_

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