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How do I calculate the following mathematical series 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55
in language ??????
I mean how can i preview this values in a messagebox
Updated 7-Dec-12 12:51pm
Richard C Bishop 7-Dec-12 17:47pm    
You are going to need to provide more details. Use the "Improve Question" widget to elaborate on what you need/want to do.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-12 18:40pm    
Do you understand that giving and example does not define the problem?

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I see a pattern there (namely kn+1 = kn + kn-1), you should exploit it.
However, if my hypothesis is correct, 50 is not part of the series.
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mazen albarakani 7-Dec-12 18:26pm    
Well, if we assume that the text string to 55 not to 50, what is the appropriate code to solve this problem
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-12 18:42pm    
You never defined the problem formally, so what do you want? Going to ask another follow-up question to every hypothesis?
CPallini 7-Dec-12 18:54pm    
Lazy, lazy man:
Loop While(k2<>55)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-12 18:43pm    
The try is good enough, a 5. I would prefer not asking before OP defines everything correctly enough.
mazen albarakani 7-Dec-12 18:53pm    
Mr kryukov
I mean how can i preview this values in a messagebox ? that's it

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