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hey guys,

i have been making programming languages for a while as you might know from previous questions and i have started to make some pretty advanced programming languages. i was wondering if it is possible for me to make my own 'zip' file. i want to be able to get maybe three .txt files lets say and make a program that compresses them into one file. also with another program, i am able to access the data of each individual file by name. i want to create a programming language similar to java and have been thinking about it. if i make every different file a class and the name of the file being the class name, then i am able to easily look at each individual file and it's data. but if i were to do this, then i would have like 5 files and if i were to use a zip file, then it means that i would have to get another library or something that lets me access the contents of zip files.

i do know what i am getting myself into and i do understand that this code can be very complex, but please don't tell me that, i already know. so if you do have an idea of how to do this, then can you please put down some sample code and explain it?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Dec-12 22:48pm    
Just the opposite: your plans are so ambitious that such a simple problem as a compression algorithm without any special requirements should look like a snap for you; I don't even understand why are you asking for help...
Member 8378691 8-Dec-12 0:15am    
i am asking for help because i don't know how to do this...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Dec-12 0:26am    
Some help has arrived, didn't you noticed it? :-)
Member 8378691 8-Dec-12 1:34am    
yes i did, but this has not helped me at all. you don't get what i am trying to say. i don't want to make a zip file, i want to make my own file type completely that acts like a zip file. with one program, it compiles multiple files into it and with another i am able to look inside of it and access data from each individual file that has been compiled into it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Dec-12 23:36pm    
You cannot get help. If you want to make your own file type, and then someone help you, what you get is not "your own" anymore. Got it? So, I found it appropriate to show you how someone else make his own file type and made is successful.

I hope this hint can help you.


1 solution

You will find more then enough code samples if you start from here:[^].

Want to see really successful code? Please see:[^],[^].

Open code, by the way, and a lot of useful information on the 7zip Web site.

Good luck,
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