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I have nested class which has two properties. 
I need to get value of one the of the nested class along with main class.

		foreach (var row in reportRowList)
                var k = row;
                List<object> dataRow = new List<object>();
                properties.ForEach(p =>


			Below is my code. How do i extend GetValue Method of PropertyInfo to retrieve nested object properties 

What I have tried:

public static Object GetPropValue(this Object obj, String propName)
           string[] nameParts = propName.Split('.');
           if (nameParts.Length == 1)
               return obj.GetType().GetProperty(propName).GetValue(obj, null);

           foreach (String part in nameParts)
               if (obj == null) { return null; }

               Type type = obj.GetType();
               PropertyInfo info = type.GetProperty(part);
               if (info == null) { return null; }

               obj = info.GetValue(obj, null);
           return obj;
Updated 28-May-19 5:45am
BillWoodruff 28-May-19 23:04pm    
First, why are you using reflection ?
istudent 29-May-19 5:59am    
For a common code to create excel in app.

1 solution

obj = info.GetValue(obj, null);

At this point, you call GetPropValue() to get the "nested class properties"; insuring, of course, you only "dive down" 1 extra level in this case.

How you supply your target properties for the nested class is another matter: 2 lists / strings?
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istudent 28-May-19 12:26pm    
If you looked at the code, not the one I tried, I am iterating over the properties I retrieved for the row object and retrieving the value from the object and adding them in a data row in table. What I have tried was I got that from Google search, which always have object name and return null
istudent 29-May-19 6:48am    
I resolve my problem by creating atother class and map all the properties required from nested class and the things done. But I still like to learn how can we do it.. Without creating another class

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