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Please Note: I've never used JSON before, have minimum experience with Windows Sub Linux, and am still probably considered a beginner in C++. I've taken two C++ courses at my university and am working on a project in my free time, which I need a JSON parser for so I can read from many JSON files and store the data into my program.

I'm following this tutorial:
Accessing JSON Data with C++[^]

I've successfully built the program in:
like it says to do for #1.

Now to use the program in my own C++ project, am I supposed to put the build folder into my project's directory? Then #include <...> in my code? I'm confused because the tutorial says:
the top-level JsonCpp folder contains a directory named include that contains header files such as json/json.h and json/writer.h. These are needed to compile C++ applications that access JsonCpp routines.
but I don't see json.h or writer.h in the file path it mentions:[^]

Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

What I have tried:

Building the program, deleting it and rebuilding it (In Windows Sub-Linux using Ubuntu).
Updated 30-May-19 20:43pm
Patrice T 30-May-19 21:01pm     CRLF
There is a forum on bottom of article. This is the best place to contact the author of article.
PiggiesGoSqueal 3-Jun-19 18:45pm    
Oh I didn't see your comment until now, thanks. Will check that out for future reference.

1 solution

I guess the path
wherein you are looking for the headers json.h, and writer.h is wrong.

I (again) guess they are in the

See jsoncpp/include/json at master · open-source-parsers/jsoncpp · GitHub[^].
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PiggiesGoSqueal 3-Jun-19 13:31pm    
Apologies for late reply. Thank you very much, that was very helpful.
CPallini 4-Jun-19 15:58pm    
You are welcome.
[no name] 18-Jun-19 10:54am    

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