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I have a script writeen in ksh(Unix) and need to port to bash(Linux).
I am stuck at a point to know whether the arguments passing format differ in both:
well, how the script is written is :
echo "$1\n$2\n$3\n" | /path/to/binary/of/script >/dev/null 2>/dev/null(from the main script it is calling another script to run basically)

And how I know is

"sh /path/to/script $1 $2 $3"

To understand pitfalls, I copied the script to Linux and ran. The script fails and throws error. And I doubt is it due to the format

Any help is appreciated!

What I have tried:

The access to edit script is not with me as of now to change and check. Bad luck
Updated 3-Jun-19 4:19am
Richard MacCutchan 3-Jun-19 4:29am    
What is the error?

A script saved to a file to execute in Linux should begin:

Then the next line(s) of the script should be the command line(s) to execute:
echo "$1\n$2\n$3\n" | /path/to/binary/of/script &> /dev/null

That's a text file of two or more lines. The &> redirects standard out and standard error.
Will it work to call the binary directly? Have you tried:
user@host$ /path/to/binary/of/script arg1 arg2 arg3 &> /dev/null

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If you're more comfortable with ksh, why not just install it on your linux distro? It should be available for most distros. If not see KornShell[^]
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