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I need to get the type and id of videos from a big text, so to do that I used Regex with following expression


now if the text is something like

some text
some text
some text

it works

but if text has single line, like
video('abc,efg');some text video('abc,efg');some text video'abc,efg');some text 

it doesn't work, returns wrong values...
Updated 6-Jan-10 6:29am

.* is "greedy", but .*? is "lazy". The greedy version will find the longest match. The lazy version will find the shortest match. What you want here is the lazy version.

EDIT: Actually, your question marks should be fine. I forget what that construct does, but I've seen it before.

Edit by Asker :
the working one

Replace the .* with a statement that always rejects a '. Your regex will keep going on the line until it finds the last quote, not the next one. I forget what that is, but you can use expresso, which is easy to google, to help build and test regex.

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