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I have a task in which i have to play different videos on different button clicks.

i have two XAML pages page1 and page2. I have two buttons in page1 and a media element in page2. I have two videos in my local folder. when i click button1 video1 should play and when i click button2 video2 should play.

can anyone suggest me solving this

thanks in advance
ridoy 12-Dec-12 4:53am    
you can use mediaelement on button click event..when it is button 1 play vedio 1 in mediaelement and then repeat it for button 2
thursunamy 12-Dec-12 5:12am    
When creating second page instance you can send video full path from the second page constructor as a parameter. And then you can start that video from your media element
Raghavanand 12-Dec-12 6:15am    
can you give me a small idea for that !! i am new to wp development
Raghavanand 12-Dec-12 5:57am    
Thanks for the answers !! can you give me a small example ridoy

1 solution

Get the position of the button by passing values from first page to other using query string on click.

navigationservice.navigate(new Uri("/xyz.xaml?pos="+char,UriKind.Relative));

get the value to other page using onnavigatedto .

char = int.Parse(NavigationContext.QueryString["char"]);

Then place the video in a array and call the media element

string[] videos= new string[]{1.mp4,2.mp4};

then add the source of media element
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