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Price and Order Date

I would like to write mssql query for selecting highest price from Price Column during last two weeks of Order Date column.
Updated 12-Dec-12 5:26am
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Dec-12 11:26am    
you tag C# but you mean SQL

SELECT MAX(Price) FROM myTable WHERE DateDiff(ww, OrderDate, getDate()) < 2

More info about the use of DateDiff can be found here[^].
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SELECT MAX(Price) FROM myTable WHERE OrderDate BETWEEN '2012-12-12' AND '2012-11-28'
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Herman<T>.Instance 12-Dec-12 11:25am    
these are fixed dates while other more flexible functions are available im MSSql
OriginalGriff 12-Dec-12 11:35am    
I agree, but I am assuming the OP is bright enough to be able to pass the appropriate dates through as parameters from whatever presentation layer language he is using. Bear in mind that his definition of "last two weeks" might be "a week last Monday", or a fortnight before last Monday", not "exactly two weeks back from today"
Killzone DeathMan 12-Dec-12 11:27am    
I love that OriginalGriff, always the best answer!
I think we must speak in Private!
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Dec-12 11:31am    
I also appreciate is correct way of answering questions on this forum, but sometimes (mostly SQl) I can give some other solutions
Killzone DeathMan 13-Dec-12 4:33am    
That's how it rolls :P

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