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Hello again,
I was testing to truncate a value with how many decimals case i want.
Nice, i found a function that make this, but, use double, and i need to use float,
double is crashing everything with StackOverFlow errors that i can't fix.
And with float that works..
This is the code of the function.
double trunc(double value, int decimal_places){
    double integer = 0,fractional = 0,output = 0;
    int j = 0,places = 1;
    fractional = modf(value, &output);
    for( int i = 0; i < decimal_places + 1; i++ ){
        fractional = modf(fractional, &integer);
        for( j = 0; j < i; j++ ){
            places *= 10;
        output += integer / places;
        places = 1;
        fractional *= 10;
    return output;

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Dec-12 13:57pm    
If double is "crashing everything" (due to your mistakes, apparently), so you are resorting to float? Very nice. I'll tell you this: with such attitude, consider your career of a software development is ended, no sense to continue. Or rethink it.
Good luck,
Thales Maggi 13-Dec-12 14:25pm    
I'm out of time to stay fixing little problems, just a work to univesity, so if you don't came to help, dont sh*t my question. Thank you.
[no name] 13-Dec-12 21:21pm    
SA may have a point. Where is your OWN code?
Thales Maggi 13-Dec-12 21:25pm    
Yess! I forgot to say that! That function isn't mine! I asked help to my teacher, and he sent me a email. Obviously he found at somewhere. I found my answer, thanks!

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